Private Events

North Side event room set upThe True North Ales events team loves to host private events. Smaller groups are welcome in our Taproom, where at certain times we may be able to reserve a table for you. Please reach out to us in advance.
For larger parties, we have our event space The North Side, which has hosted wedding receptions, baby showers, fundraiser, and many more. To learn more about hosting an event in The North Side, please tell us what you have in mind HERE.

Two Tap TrucksWe are also equally happy to provide our fine beers at an off-site location. There are many ways to host an off-site event, but you may be interested in one of our vintage Tap Trucks. Reach out HERE to learn more about off-site events.
1. Most of my guests love beer, but a few prefer wine or cocktails. Can I bring in my own alcohol?
* We offer fine red and white wines, local sparkling mead, and, of course, our award-winning beers. Our licensing only allows us to serve what we produce on site or have made for us under contract. This means True North Ales cannot allow any other beer brands, wine, spirits, or hard cider to be consumed on our premises.
2. I would like to invite guests under the age of 21. Can they attend my event?
* Underage guests are welcome to private events as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for their actions. We take underage drinking very seriously. If any underage guests are found to be consuming alcohol, they and their parent/guardian will be asked to leave immediately.
3. What about food for my event?
* You can arrange for a caterer of your choice or bring in your own food. Big Pig BBQ is onsite at the brewery five days a week and can offer food options. For recommendations, ask our Event Lead at True North Ales to provide a list of caterers and food trucks with which we partner.
4. I have guests who require gluten-free options. What can they drink?
* We are proud to offer our own Pathfinder line of gluten-free hard seltzers in amazing flavors. Sparkling mead as well as white and red wine is also offered (check for availability). Occasionally we have a gluten-reduced beer on tap. We always offer non-alcoholic options including flavored Pigeon Cove Kombucha, Polar seltzer waters, Izze sparkling juice, and juice boxes.