Taproom Offerings

What's on Tap?

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at our Ipswich Taproom.
Non-alcoholic drinks
Polar Seltzer
Izze Sparkling Juice
Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink
Snacks for Sale
Eastern Standard Pretzels and mustard
Wicked Twisted Pretzel Bites and mustard
Packaged almonds, cashews, or peanuts

Food Trucks and Pop-up Kitchens
Check our  Upcoming Events  page for an updated list of visiting food vendors.

Our Taproom is B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food)
You are always welcome to bring in food from home or pick-up from your favorite restaurant. You can also have food orders delivered to you at the Taproom.
Beers to Go
Growler fills*   We fill clean, unlabeled 64 oz. growlers. All beers on tap may be purchased for take-away unless otherwise noted. Unlabeled 64 oz. growler glass is available for purchase. We do not sell 32 oz. howler glass.

Cans to Go*   We offer a wide selection of our beers in cold 16 oz. 4-packs for take-away purchase.
We sell half-barrel kegs (15.5 gal.) and logs (5.16 gal.) of most of our beer styles, depending on availability. For special events, please reserve in advance by phone or stop by our taproom and speak with a manager.
*We do not allow filled growlers and howlers, or canned beers to be consumed on premise.